Enjoy a delicious homemade latte with this easy recipe. Made with espresso and steamed milk, it’s a comforting drink perfect for any time of day. Treat yourself to a coffee shop experience at home!

Preparation time: 3 min
Cooking time: N/A
Resting time: N/A
Total time: 3 min
Serves: 1


  • 150ml milk
  • 18g ground espresso


  • Prepare around 35ml of espresso using a coffee machine and pour it into the base of your cup.
  • Steam the milk with the steamer attachment until it has around 4-6cm of foam on top.
  • Hold the jug so that the spout is about 3-4cm above the cup and pour the milk in steadily.
  • As the volume within the cup increases, bring the jug as close to the surface of the drink as possible while aiming to pour into the center.
  • Once the milk jug is almost touching the surface of the coffee, tilt the jug to speed up the rate of pour.
  • Optionally, dust the surface with a little cocoa powder.

For a creamier texture, you can use whole milk or even try using a milk alternative like almond milk or oat milk. Each type of milk will impart a slightly different flavor profile to your latte, so feel free to experiment and find your favorite!

Nutritional Info:
Calories: 99
Carbs: 7g
Protein 5g
Fat 5g

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