Community Guidelines

What are the Guidelines?

These are the rules we ask everyone to follow. No exceptions. The rules ensure that every community member will feel safe and protected from unwanted content or behaviour. If you don’t respect the rules, you might be warned, blocked by other members or depending on the type of violation access to your account may be removed permanently. 

How do we moderate?

We have an automated system and a small team of moderators who review all user-generated content. Although we use some artificial intelligence to help us with moderating content, all the rejections, warnings, and suspensions are done by real humans (moderators) and none of it is done automatically by algorithms.  


Everything that you post on the platform, shouldn’t make other users feel uncomfortable, disgusted, scared, or shocked. Other users might be more sensitive to the content you feel okay about.

If you noticed something that offends you, please report the profile or post.


People are different and we celebrate this diversity. We don’t tolerate mocking or rejecting other users just because they don’t fit your preference. Any content of such nature will be removed. This applies to any kind of discrimination, namely:

  • Race, ethnicity, nationality, religion;
  • Orientation, gender identity;
  • Age, height, or weight;
  • Disability, genetic information.


Be genuine. We don’t allow uploading other people’s or fake photos. Deceiving other users and pretending to be someone else is a very bad thing to do. 

It’s important to differentiate between Fake Identity and Fake Photo cases:

  • If you notice that someone is using another person’s photos on their profile to deceive users and pretend to be someone else, please report the profile and choose the Fake Identity reason.
  • If someone has uploaded photos obviously taken from the Internet instead of their genuine ones, please choose the Image Violation reason.


All the content that you upload should belong to you. We don’t allow using copyrighted content. Be sure we will definitely reject at our discretion everything that has watermarks and what we might consider copyrighted. 


Don’t share any information or statements about other people no matter if they are truthful or not. This is a serious violation and it might result in blocking your account. Even if someone did something bad to you in real life or online, we can’t confirm or disprove it, that’s why we don’t want to be facilitators of spreading potentially misleading information.

More Info

  • No defamation or any public statements about other users.
  • No other people’s photos, phone numbers, or usernames.
  • No public queries about other people;
  • No screenshots of other users’ profiles or chats;
  • No photos of id cards or other documents that might disclose your or other people’s identity.


  • No extremely close-up, obscure, nonsense photos.
  • No profile photos with text that occupies most of the photo (allowed as feed photos);
  • No logos unless the profile is a Resource.

If you noticed something from the list above on the platform, please report the profile or post.


Resources are permitted, i.e. genuine services offered to the community. 

If you notice that someone is engaged in questionable commercial activities, please report the profile and leave a comment in the details if the violation is not obvious.


Treat other users and the platform with respect. We don’t allow hard language and unwanted behaviour across the platform no matter if it’s your bio information, public comment, or private chat.

More Info

  • No hard language. We are not your classroom teachers but we are still against severe and aggressive swearing;
  • No humiliating or offensive remarks about users or staff; 
  • No harassment, threats, bullying, or trolling;
  • No Nazi, neo-Nazi or extremist organization symbols or slogans.

If you disagree with someone, there’s no need to badmouth each other either publicly or privately. Hate always breeds more hate. Report and block them!


  • No spam in private chats or flood in comments;
  • No spam with unwelcome pics;
  • No flooding with the same posts in the Feed.
  • No scams or fraud.
  • No luring money or obtaining personal information;
  • No fake giveaways or awards;


Click ‘report‘ and choose the correct reason. All reports are looked at by a real person. 

If you don’t like a user, you can block them and you will be invisible to each other. 

The reporting system shouldn’t be abused. We review all the reports and if we conclude that you are intentionally submitting fake reports, you will be at least warned, at worst blocked. But no action will be taken against the people you have reported. Please use it correctly. 

We are working hard every day to keep the platform safe, however user assistance is vital for maintaining a safe and respectful platform.